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My Rails Active Record Cheatsheet
Published June 12, 21
I don't have years and years of experience with Rails so whenever I create a new Project, I need to open up old ones to see how I did things back then, this post is my new reference
How to paste Files from the Clipboard using JavaScript
Published June 12, 21
When you take a screenshot, that gets stored in your clipboard. It's possible to then grab that Image upon pasting it on a website to upload it to a service for example
How my custom built blog works
Published June 10, 21
In this post, I explain how my blog works, I use vim emulation, Markdown, Rails, Tailwind and very little JavaScript
Implement a nice looking lightweight cookie consent
Published June 9, 21
There are cookie consent solutions available that are easy to implement but they lack a few things that are important to me, here's what I did
Introducing the NX Tools to an Enterprise Angular Environment
Published June 8, 21
One of my clients is a huge international Company with multiple Angular Applications. We introduced the NX Monorepo with all of it's advantages
How my blog got almost perfect lighthouse results
Published June 6, 21
You can measure your site's optimization regarding performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and more with Lighthouse. My blog has almost perfect results.
A nice default button CSS animation
Published June 4, 21
Per default, buttons are ugly and have no animation. Instead of not using an animation at all, check out this one.
How to add a RSS feed to a rails blog
Published June 3, 21
RSS feeds can be used from third party software to consume and index the content of your website
How to add a dynamically generated sitemap with rails
Published June 1, 21
This post shows how you can easily create a sitemap.xml file for SEO that gets generated dynamically
How to Deploy a Rails 6 Application with Capistrano, Nginx, Puma, Postgresql, LetsEncrypt on Ubuntu 20.04
Published May 31, 21
How to Deploy a Rails 6.1 Application with Capistrano. Using Nginx, Puma, Ubuntu 20.04, Postgresql, LetsEncrypt and Capistrano.
Add Tailwind 2 to Rails 6.1
Published May 30, 21
How to add Tailwind 2 to a Rails 6.1 Project including Purging unused rules to improve performance.
How to host a Single-Page-Application on Amazon S3 for Free
Published August 13, 19
You can host a Single Page Application (SPA) with Amazon S3 for free and in this Blog-Post I will show you how.
Use Protected Routes in Vue.js
Published October 12, 18
How to use Vue Router’s Navigation Guards in combination with Vuex.
Persist Access Token with Vue.js
Published September 5, 18
Persist the Access Token from the Backend in the localStorage with Vue.js
Vue.js Login Component with Spinner
Published August 26, 18
Login component with error and success message and a spinner. Built with Vue CLI 3, SCSS, Axios and Vuex
Nuxt.js Internationalization without route param
Published August 24, 18
How to use i18n internationalization in Nuxt.js without storing the prefered language as route parameter
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 9)
Published August 22, 18
Use the systems clipboard, comments in Vim and my current config.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 8)
Published August 22, 18
Color schemes, plugin managers and certain plugins in Vim.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 7)
Published August 22, 18
Advanced configurations, key mappings and mapleader in Vim.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 6)
Published August 22, 18
Special commands, insert mode, undo & redo and macros in Vim.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 5)
Published August 22, 18
Using numbers, the dot command and the visual mode in Vim.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 4)
Published August 22, 18
Manipulations with verbs, modifiers and nouns in Vim.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 3)
Published August 22, 18
Searching in Vim, commands in runtime and config file.
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 2)
Published August 22, 18
How to navigate the cursor and scroll in Vim
A brief introduction to Vim (Part 1)
Published August 21, 18
What is Vim, why should you use it and it’s basics.