TOC: A brief introduction to Vim

Hello everybody. I wanted to write about a topic I am fond with and hopefully show someone something they didn't know about that topic or even introduce someone to a new topic and give them a good resource for the beginning.

So I did write 9 posts about a commandline editor called Vim to try if writing is something I enjoy.

I received more positive feedback than I excepted through likes, comments and follows on

I will probably soon start writing about other topics I like and hopefully can contribute positively.

Table of contents

Here are the topics I covered in this post series with the according links to the post:

What is Vim?
Why should I use Vim?
But I don't want to use a different IDE!
Okay I want to give it a try!
  Essential Vim knowledge
    Vim modes
    open, save and quit
  Basic cursor navigation
  Advanced cursor navigation
  Scrolling (Screen navigation)
  Executing commands in runtime
  Runtime-only commands
  More commands
Indenting and unindenting
  More manipulations
  Copy & Paste
Use numbers
Use the dot command
Search and replace in Vim
The visual mode
  Visual mode
  Linewise visual mode
  Visual block mode
Visual mode and indenting
Special manipulations
More possibilities to join insert mode
Undo and redo
  Recording a macro
  Using / Playing a macro
Advanced configurations
  Key mapping
    Available characters
    Recursive and non-recursive mapping
    Defining a Mapleader
Color schemes
  Custom color schemes
  Plugin managers
  Fuzzy finder (ctrlp.vim)
    Installing ctrlp.vim
    Using ctrlp.vim
  Tree explorer (NERDTree)
    Installing NERDTree
    Using NERDTree
Use the systems clipboard
Comments in the config
My current Vim config
End of the series